Harold Camping whereabouts: might release a public statement over failed doomsday prophecy

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Harold Camping in his home, May 22, 2011
Image Credit: ibtimes.com

A recent report from International Business Times as of May 23, 2011 was released verifying updates on Harold Camping from an alleged board member of Camping’s Family Radio International.

As report further reveals, the world is indeed waiting to hear from the false prophet and that, Tom Evans, a representative of his inner circle has indeed released the first salvo, and giving statement that Camping owes an apology to the public.

Based on similar report, Tom Evans cited Camping as saying that he would issue a statement on recent goof-up. Likewise, report also confirms that Family Radio board will meet on Tuesday to decide course of actions.

Consequently, related reports also claim that Harold Camping is currently staying at his Oakland home; wife announced statement that he is healthy and safe despite being mystified.

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