Hosni Mubarak transfers all powers of President to Vice-President Omar Suleiman, Egyptian Ambassador says

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Hosni Mubarak transfers all powers of the president to Vice-President Omar Suleiman according to the constitution of Egypt, as told by Egyptian Ambassador to the US Sameh Shoukry to Wolf Blitzer of CNN on Friday.

According to the live interview of CNN to the Egyptian ambassador on Friday at about 12:40 a.m. (Egypt time), 5:40 p.m. (ET), Mr. Shoukry clarified that Omar Suleiman has now all the powers of the president including being the head of the military forces, which means Suleiman is now the de-facto President of Egypt.

President Mubarak has transferred the powers of the presidency to his vice president, who will now undertake all authority as president.” Ambassador Shoukry was quoted as saying to CNN.

However, the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square are not contented and accusing that Suleiman is only an extension of Mubarak, which means that the government will not change as well. Apparently, they want to have a completely new government, particularly a democratic state.

On Thursday at about 10:20 p.m. (Egypt time), Hosni Mubarak appeared in live TV and apparently stating that he will not run for president anymore in the September election and will follow the peaceful transition of power. He added that Egypt will not follow any foreign intervention.

Later, Vice-President Omar Suleiman also appeared on live TV commended the “youth revolution” but urging them go home and go back to work, as well as to ignore the ‘satellite images’.

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