Hope Diamond Gets a New Platinum Necklace

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Hope Diamond

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WASHINGTON – The famous Hope Diamond, a centuries-old and 45.52 carat gem according to Wikipedia, has been mounted on a new modern necklace in honor of 50th anniversary of its arrival at Washington’s Smithsonian Museum. The gem is formerly called “ Le bleu de France ” .

According to international news report, Hope Diamond, the largest of it’s kind in the world and believed to be cursed, was mounted on a combination of new platinum and diamond necklace designed by French craftsmen last November 18, 2010.

“We celebrate the 50th anniversary of this gift,” Cristian Samper, the director of the Museum of Natural History said, calling the diamond, which is the size of a pigeon egg, a “gift to the world.”

The diamond was donated by jeweler named Harry Winston to Washington’s Smithsonian Museum inside a simple paper envelope in 1958.

Reports says that Hope Diamond is insured for 250 Million dollars. After one year, the diamond will be returned to its historic setting and the new necklace will be sold to benefit the museum along with a diamond worth “at least a million dollars,” according to Frederic de Narp, the CEO of Harry Winston jewelers, which made the new setting.

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