Hong Kong Bun Festival: World’s Biggest Bun Fight Event

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Bun Mountain
Image Credit: CNN

As recent news article reported, a lot of people witnessed the world’s biggest bun fight through the so-called “Bun Mountain”, a 45-feet bamboo tower covered with buns and considered as the high point event of the Cheung Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong held Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

It was formally reported in same news source that there were quite a number of contenders who gamely participated in the said event, of which they were instructed to climb the “Mountain of Buns” and gather as much buns as they possibly can in just two minutes.

Based on related reports, the said celebration brings thousands of visitors to the island as the exact day coincide with Buddha’s birthday.  Reports also attest how visitors enjoyed baked goodies, each imprinted with a lucky stamp while they got their chances to obtain bun-shaped souvenirs and watch lion dances.

Additionally cited through reports that this festive celebration is being observed once a year to commemorate their old tradition of offering buns and rituals to ensure that any form of plagues won’t occur.

Previous records confirm that disaster happened in 1978 when the bamboo Bun Mountain collapsed, ultimately leading the people to revive it again in 2005 under firm safety regulations.

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