Honda fast lawn mower ‘Mean Mower’ is ‘World’s Fastest Lawn Mower’ (Video)

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A Honda fast lawn mower called ‘Mean Mower‘ was recently unveiled, as shown in the YouTube video ad below. According to Honda UK, this speedy machine can reach a speed 0-60mph in just four seconds and is being estimated to run up to 130mph (or around 209 kilometers per hour).

Honda Mean Mower worlds fastest mower

Honda Mean Mower ‘world’s fastest lawn mower’
Credit: Honda UK

“What do you get if you take one lazy Sunday afternoon, one British Touring Car champion and the world’s fastest lawn mower?. Well here’s your answer.” A statement reads on the description of the Honda lawn mower ad. The mower driver shown is Honda Yuasa Racing driver Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden.

This Honda Mean Mower was a result of the partnership between Honda UK and Team Dynamics, and can be able to cut grass at 15 mph, and producing 96Nm of torque. This is twice as fast as that of HF2620 Lawn Tractor, which was used as the basis for the design of this latest lawn mower from Honda.

This 1000cc, 109hp Honda fast lawn mower has 2 electric motors on the customized cutter deck and a spinning 3mm steel cutting cable with an astonishing speed of 4000rpm. Honda used a fiberglass for its body, making it lightweight at approximately 140kg. It also has ATV wheels for ideal balancing of the equipment.

The supercharged grass-cutting machine also features a custom-made paddle shift six-speed gear system, a custom-made Cobra sports seat, a Scorpion exhaust system, and a Morris Minor steering rack. Honda noted that it has been tested at 100mph, and produced 98db at rest and 130db at three-quarter RPM.

Honda is a great believer in collaboration, pushing boundaries and creating extraordinary pieces of engineering. This project provided the perfect opportunity to not only highlight the breadth of our product offering but to also promote our sporty heritage and support our reputation as an innovative company.” Honda UK Corporate Affairs Manager Kate Saxton said in the press release.

As of this writing, there was no word from Honda as to when it will be available in the market.

Honda fast lawn mower “Mean Mower”
Video Credit: HondaVideo/YouTube

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