Holographic World Cup in 2022, Japan’s Daring Plan

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A Holographic World Cup in 2022 is Japan’s daring plan for this popular soccer game showdown. If this proposal becomes a reality, then it would be unprecedented.  Viewers from all over the world would watch the World Cup 2022 in full size holographic images. This was reported by CNN.

The proposal would be to use 200 HD cameras to project life-size 3D holograms of the players, with microphones positioned in the playing area for clear transmission of audios. Universal translators with ear phones would make conversations between viewers from different countries possible.

Japan’s plan is futuristic and a giant leap in technology for football fans but the price might not be affordable for majority of viewers. That is, if the plan comes to fruition. Suminori Gokoh, director of the bid committee, said in an interview that they wanted to “deliver the joy of football not only to the hosting country but all over the world.”  The World Cup 2022 is between Australia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar and the United States.

Japan’s proposal is a daring move. But with the country’s state-of-the-art technology and expertise in this field, there is an excellent possibility; the world would soon be watching its first holographic World Cup 2022 Championship. The fact remains that Japan still holds the honor of inventing the first true dancing and singing Diva Bot.

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