Highest-rated President In The US: John F. Kennedy Remains Consistent Ranked Number One

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John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Highest-rated
President In The US

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President John F. Kennedy remains the highest-rated president in the U.S. in modern history. This is based on the new Gallup survey.

According to reports, the survey was conducted from November 19-21, 2010, asking American adults through phone interviews how past U.S. presidents managed their job. They based their judgement on what they remember about the nine former U.S. presidents. Americans were asked whether they approve or disapprove the way each former president managed his job in office.

Kennedy has consistently ranked the highest-rated president and from the recent survey he earned 85 percent retrospective job approval rating, the highest among the nine U.S. presidents who have served in the past 50 years.

Here is the comparative approval rating results of each president according to Gallup website.

US President approval rating result

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