High School Basketball Halfcourt Backwards Buzzer Beater shot goes viral (Video)

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A high school basketball half court backwards buzzer beater shot now goes viral, as the YouTube video is being widely spread and is available below.

Apparently, the incredible half court backwards buzzer beater shot was made by Austin Groff of Twin Valley South in Ohio, while playing against Preble Shawnee High recently.

As the 500,000 plus-view video shows, time is running out in the first quarter of the game and Groff was supposed to pass the ball to a team mate but was blocked and ball almost went off the line.

Goff got the ball but seem to be in a hopeless position, then chooses to throw the ball backwards from half court, and shoots.

The crowd soared, as well as the players including Austin Groff who barely saw the ball shoot.

He was overwhelmed and raised his both hands with joy, although his team lost with the score of 6-58 during that Holiday Tournament Championship game.

Below is the YouTube video of the backwards buzzer beater shot of Austin Groff uploaded by Groff15.

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