Hiccupops: 13-year old genius girl invents lollipops that can stop hiccups, starts her own business

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A 13-year old genius girl recently won prizes at the Connecticut Invention Convention competition for young entrepreneurs for inventing Hiccupops, the lollipop that aims to stop hiccups; and is now the CEO of her own business.

Mallory Kievman
Image Credit: Andrew Sullivan/NYTimes.com

As featured on the New York Times on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, Mallory Kievman, an eighth-grade student has invented lollipops with apple cider vinegar and sugar that aim to cure hiccups, which she made in her family’s kitchen in Manchester.

“It’s very rare, when you’re evaluating businesses, that you can envision a company or product being around 100 years from now. Hiccupops is one of those things. It solves a very simple, basic need.” Startup Connecticut founder Danny Briere, who nurtures new companies including Hiccupops, told the paper.

“I went there, and I knew it would either be a hit or a miss project. People would either like it, or they would think I was crazy.” Mallory Kievman was quoted in the report, referring to the said contest where she met Mr. Briere.

“It triggers a set of nerves in your throat and mouth that are responsible for the hiccup reflex arc. It basically over-stimulates those nerves and cancels out the message to hiccup.” Kievman added, explaining the Hiccupops; who also now has a patent pending on her invention.

“He’s helping me with a lot of the business stuff. And he’s also helping me handle stuff like using the stove.” Mallory said on the role his father, Adam Kievman, who notably does the ‘adult supervision’ on her lollipop business.

As of this writing, the University of Connecticut‘s Innovation Accelerator plans to dispatch a group of graduate business students this summer, where Mallory will have her own team of consultants, with her company website Hiccupops.com to be launched soon.

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