Hero cop saves man from jumping into an oncoming train in Colombia (Video)

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A hero cop saves a man who tried to jump in front of an oncoming train in Colombia, as shown in the video below. The heroic act reportedly happened last April 10, and was caught by the CCTV of El Hospital train station in metro Medellin. However, it was only early this week that the video was uploaded at YouTube.

hero police saves man train suicide

Hero cop saves a man
Credit: YouTube screengrab

As noted by Gustavo Chaparro, who re-uploaded the surveillance video this Tuesday, April 23, and related the story in Spanish, the hero policeman was identified as Luis Alfonso Ramirez, 19 years old. He grabbed the man, who attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the fast approaching train.

Judging from the video, a man in white polo shirt can be seen alone waiting for the train to come. However, he seemed to be acting strange. He went too close to the railway, almost crossing the yellow lane. Shortly after, Ramirez, who was in his police uniform, appeared on the screen, and observed the man.

As the train gets nearer, the passengers start to prepare themselves to ride the train. The man looked on the oncoming train, and positioned himself to jump. Ramirez also appeared to be preparing himself, as he gets nearer to the man, who crossed the safety line when the train was in front of him.

Just in the nick of time, Ramirez grabbed the man’s left arm and pulled him away, saving his life. The man dropped down on the floor. The hero police officer then helped him to get up and brought him away. The man is now being given a psychological care.

“They are attentive to Metro users. Any crisis if they see someone crying, going through a crisis, come to his aid,” Metropolitan Police Commander General Jose Angel Mendoza was quoted as saying, as translated via Google Translate. Ramirez is only on his 8th month on his job as police auxiliary.

Hero cop saves man from committing suicide by jumping jumping into an oncoming train
Video Credit: Gustavo Chaparro/YouTube

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