Heliodome By Eric Wasser: Sundial House in Alsacian, France (Photos)

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Heliodome, a sundial-type house, was designed by Eric Wasser in Alsacian, France, according to reports by international news sites on Friday, August 5, 2011.

Heliodome by Eric Wasser
Image Credit: Facebook

Wasser is a French designer and manufacturer of cabinets who lives in Cosswiller, a countryside of Alsacian close to Strasbourg in Eastern France.

Heliodome Interior View
Heliodome Interior View
Image Credit: Vincent Kessler

The Heliodome of Wasser is similar to a huge three dimensional sundial that is angled in relation to the movement of the sun. The house design generates a shade effect during summer time to enable the sundial house to maintain a cool internal temperature. The large windows enables sunlight to enter the living room and provide warmth during Fall, Winter and Spring season.

Eric Wasser and his Heliodome
Eric Wasser and his Heliodome
Image Credit: Vincent Kessler

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