Helen Hunt priority is family over career

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Helen Hunt revealed that life is different now as she puts family first over any other thing in her life-even her career. Her priority is  Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, her daughter with Matthew Carnahan.

Here is how Helen Hunt described her commitment to her family:

That makes a lot of sense to me. Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another. It gets more challenging as you get older, and it’s not just having a daughter, it’s wanting to have your own life and be yourself. I have kind of a mixed relationship with that throw-yourself-into-the-part thing: There are times when I love it and I get to express myself in ways that I need to and wouldn’t otherwise, and there are times when I really like my life and I don’t want to cut my hair off and go to Tennessee and live in a hotel for three months. I just don’t wanna! I’m too grown up. That’s when choosing becomes really important.

This year I did [Soul Surfer], where I got to take my daughter with me and shoot in my favorite place on earth. They were like, ‘Do you want to go to Oahu and bring your daughter and surf in a movie?’ I went, ‘Okay!’

I haven’t seen it yet, so I hope it turned out all right, but the opportunity to be paid and have my family with me and be in heaven was pretty great.

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Hunt, who started her entertainment career at the age of ten, has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for her role in the 1997 film, ‘As Good as It Gets.’ Here are some of Hunt‘s other notable films:

  • Dr. T and the Women
  • Women
  • Pay It Forward
  • What Women Want
  • A Good Woman

In 2008, Hunt made a directorial debut for the film, Then She Found Me, that was based on the Elinor Lipman book.

Hunt plays the role of Jeannie, wife of Liev Schreiber’s Ned,  in the Indie film Every Day. She and Ned together plays as a married couple that deals with life’s daily challenges.

Here is an interview on Helen Hunt regarding her movie, Every Day and her new priority in life:

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