Heike Weber Draws Utopia And Other Installations All Over The Wall And Floor (Photo)

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Heike Weber Doing Her Doodle
Heike Weber
Image Credit: Heike Weber

Heike Weber, an artist from Siegen, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, expressed his artistry by drawing Utopia across the walls and on lacquer and acrylic floors, according to reports by several news sites.

The 49-year-old Weber uses several boxes of permanent colored felt markers to create her doodles and come up with amazing installations.

The combination of the colored felt markers being waved over white surfaces provides a very lively room environment.

Reports say that her art work spanned up to 600 square meter surface.

Here are some photos of Heike Weber‘s installations that include themes like Utopia, Yves, Kilim and Boden Los. (Click Next or the page number for each photo.)

Heike Weber's Flying Woman
Image Credit: Heike Weber

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