Heidi, cross-eyed opossum to give Oscar winners prediction on Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Heidi, the popular cross-eyed opossum from Germany will give her Oscar winners prediction as she appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show‘, with both shows being shown at ABC, according to international news sites on Friday.

Heidi, cross-eyed opossum
Photo credit: RussiaToday/YouTube

Leipzig Zoo director Joerg Junghold apparently told RTL TV in Germany on Friday that Heidi will be appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show‘ on Feb. 27, and will predict the Oscar winners, which will be held that same night.

According to reports, show producers are hoping that Heidi can repeat success of Paul the Octopus also from Germany, which have correctly predicted the winners for the seven matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the Spain-Netherlands finals.

However, the two and a half year old old cross-eyed opossum will not be going to Hollywood, as Heidi’s predictions will be filmed in Germany and will be used as part of ABC’s coverage of the Academy Awards 2011.

Heidi, a rare cross-eyed opossum became an instant YouTube hit and has hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans when her photo was released in December last year, after being noticed by several journalists who visited Leipzig Zoo.

It is being believed that Heidi’s crossed eyes may be due to poor diet when she was young, and that fat deposits may have developed behind her ears.

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