Hawaii Shark Attack: Shark Attacks Snorkeling Oregon Man

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A 61-year-old man from Oregon was attacked by a shark while he and his relatives were snorkeling in a beach in Hawaii, international news sites reported on Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Tom Kennedy

Thomas Floyd Kennedy, while waiting to be
wheeled into surgery.

Image Credit: The Maui News / Matthew Thayer

According to reports, Thomas Floyd Kennedy was snorkeling at about 250 yards from the shore of Kihei, Hawaii, on Friday, November 30, when a 10-foot shark bit his left calf. It happened at about 9:30 am, Hawaii Standard Time.

“I started kicking. I started heading for my board, which I could see. I was just moving along in a straight line and suddenly (I) felt a sensation, something big grabbing me on the leg and turned, obviously it was a shark, I could see its left eye and part of its sort of face and head. (Then) it released me,” Kennedy told Maui News of his experience.

“I started swimming as fast as I could. . . . Obviously I wanted to get out of the water. I kept watching behind; I was concerned it would come back again,” Kennedy added.

Kennedy sustained deep leg laceration but still remained conscious. He was brought to shore and treated by lifeguards. He was then transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

The beach from Kamaole III to Waipuilani Park is now closed after the Hawaii shark attack, reports said.

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