Harold Camping Sets New Judgement Day Date on October 21, 2011

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Cancelled Judgement Day

Cancelled Judgement Day
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Harold Camping has set a new date for the Judgement Day, several news sites reported today.

According to reports, Camping, whose Judgement Day prophecy on May 21 went unfulfilled, said that the date was a miscalculation. He reportedly said that he now believes that his forecast actually occurred “spiritually,” and the actual apocalypse will happen five months later, on October 21, 2011.

God did “bring judgement on the world,” Camping reportedly said on Saturday.

“We have to be looking at all of this a little bit more spiritual, but it won’t be spiritual on Oct. 21,” Camping was quoted saying. “Because the Bible clearly teaches that then the world is going to be destroyed altogether.”

Furthermore, Camping said that the apocalypse did not occur on May 21 because a “merciful and compassionate God” spared humanity from “hell on Earth for five months.” However, he insisted that October 21 has always been a part of his prediction, and that day will be the final day of the apocalypse when the world will come to an end.

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