Harm Klueting, Married, Ordained as Priest by Catholic Church

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Fr. Harm Klueting
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Harm Klueting who is married with two children was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Joachim Cardinal Meisner. This is not the first time that the Pope has approved the ordination of a married person.  According to International news sites, February 22, there were two occasions in Regensburg and Hamburg that a married man was ordained.

Based on an edict of celibacy exception, during the era of Pope Pius XII, Pope Benedict XVI has approved Klueting’s ordination in Cologne, Germany amidst the celibacy rule for Catholic priests.  The celibacy exception law was made for Clergies who have converted from other Christian faiths.

Klueting, 61, teaches religious history and theology at the University of Cologne. He was previously a Lutheran cleric.  His wife has also converted to Catholicism as a Carmelite nun.

The clamor for the termination of celibacy for priesthood is gaining popularity as Catholicism suffers the disgrace of sex abuse scandals and of errant priests.

Some psychologists say that celibacy goes against the natural tendency of man, hence this makes it “evil.”  The Catholic Church has still to act upon this persistent clamor.

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