Harley-Davidson motorcycle washed away by Japan tsunami found in Canada, to be returned to owner (Photo)

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A Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was washed away by the March 11 Japan tsunami, as shown in the photo below was recently found in the shores of British Columbia (B.C), Canada, and will be returned to its Japanese owner.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was washed-
out by Japan tsunami and was found in Canada

Image Credit: Peter Mark/NHK TV

According to Canadian news sites on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, the rusted Harley-Davidson motorcycle was found by Peter Mark of Masset, British Columbia on April 18 along the shore of Graham Island in Haida Gwaii.

As noted in reports, Mr. Mark saw the ‘tsunami motorcycle‘ poking out from a white cube container which also contains other items such as set of golf clubs camping equipment, tent poles and tools, among others; and did not sink in the Pacific Ocean due to a Styrofoam along with it.

Apparently, the said motorcycle had identifications including a Japanese license plate number, which a Japanese Harley-Davidson representative able to trace its owner after it was reported on CBC TV news in Canada.

Later, it was learned that the motorcycle owner is Ikuo Yokoyama, 29, who lives in the town of Yamamoto, in Miyagi Prefecture, which was among the areas badly hit by the tsunami. Yokoyama reportedly lost his home, all his possessions, as well as three family members.

“I’m very thankful that it came back. I would like to thank the man who found my bike in person, but because it’s hard to do that, I’d like to thank him here right now.” Yokoyama was quoted telling to NHK TV as translated to English.

Meanwhile, a Harley-Davidson distributor in Japan reportedly has plans of restoring first the motorcycle to its original working condition before giving it back to Yokoyama, who said he bought it five years ago and has been using the white cube container as its garage.

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