Harlem Shake compensation being asked by 2 artists, voices allegedly used without permission

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A so-called Harlem Shake compensation is being asked by two artists, who claimed that their voices were used in the viral song without their permission. Harlem Shake, a 2012 song by DJ Baauer, started to become viral early this February, after people uploaded their own video dancing to the music, including NBA team Miami Heat.

Harlem Shake song cover

Harlem Shake song cover
Image Credit: Mad Decent Records via Apple iTunes

According to The New York Times on Sunday, March 10, 2013, reggae artist Hector Delgado and rapper Jayson Musson from Philadelphia said that their voices can be clearly heard on the Harlem Shake song. DJ Baauer (or Harry Rodrigues in real life) and Mad Decent Records allegedly did not ask them permission.

“Con los terroristas” The voice of Hector Delgado can be heard in the beginning of Harlem Shake, which was allegedly taken from his single he released in 2006. Jayson Musson‘s voice can be heard, “Do the Harlem Shake.” The rapper claimed that it was taken from a rap song released in 2001.

As noted in the report, Delgado, who has been an evangelical preacher in his country, Puerto Rico five years ago and does not make music anymore, said that his former manager, Javier Gomez, called him three weeks ago and informed him about his voice that was used in the Harlem Shake song.

For Musson, he said that he was informed in late February by Kurt Hunte, a member of his former rap Plastic Little, in which his “Do the Harlem Shake” allegedly came from the song “Miller Time.” And now, both artists are asking for an undisclosed compensation for their “contribution” to the hit dance music.

As of this writing, Mad Decent Records and DJ Baauer have not issued any statement on the issue. Harlem Shake landed No. 1 in Appleā€™s iTunes, and is now on its third week on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The dance song is also topping the charts worldwide, including UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

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