Happy Meal Ban To Be Imposed In San Francisco, CA

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Happy MealAccording to several online news reports, San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a Happy Meal ban last Tuesday limiting toy giveaways in unhealthy meals and requiring fruits or vegetables with each meal. The board voted 8-3 approving the ordinance that limits toy giveaways in fast food meals that have too much sodium, fat and calories. The people behind the initiative hope to deter the meal’s appeal to children.

National Restaurant Association and McDonald’s Corporation oppose the law. McDonald‘s uses its very popular Happy Meal to pioneer using of free toys in marketing directly to children.

A veto is expected from Mayor Gavin Newsom. However, it will still go into effect on December 2011 if supervisors approve it again after the veto. San Francisco would then become the first major city to pass such a law fighting obesity among children.

In a statement, McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud said: “We are extremely disappointed with today’s decision. It’s not what our customers want, nor is it something they asked for. Getting a toy with a kid’s meal is just one part of a fun, family experience at McDonald’s.”

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