Happy Holidays Google Doodle: Google Releases “Jingle Bells” Musical Animation for Christmas 2011 (Video)

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Happy Holidays Google doodle
Image Credit: Google.com

Google has come up with the “Happy Holidays” Google doodle, which is an interactive, musical doodle that plays “Jingle Bells,” when all the letters of Google are clicked, as revealed by various news sites on December 24, 2011.

Google has been featuring unique Google doodle icons this 2011 and “Happy Holidays” is one of the best, reportedly.

The animated “Happy Holidays” doodle has 6 images for each of the Google letters; the first one is a snowflake, then a Santa Claus, a bell, a snowman, a candle and a gift box. When users click on the last button, the song “Jingle Bells” plays, with the images “dancing” to its tune.

Happy Holidays Google doodle

Video Credit: Google.com/YouTube

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