“Happy Feet”, New Zealand stranded penguin recovering after third operation via endoscopy

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Happy Feet”, the stranded penguin in New Zealand is now recovering after Wellington doctors performed their third operation via endoscopy on Monday, June 27, 2011.

Dr. John Wyeth and Wellington Hospital staff
performing endoscopy to “Happy Feet”

Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

According to New Zealand Herald on Monday, “Happy Feet” underwent another operation that morning and this time Wellington Hospital doctors performed endoscopy to the penguin.

As noted in the report, a small camera was inserted to the penguin’s throat to help the doctors remove the sand and other debris from “Happy Feet“, whose gender is not yet known.

“We’ve probably emptied about half the stomach and hopefully, with a bit of luck, the stomach will now start functioning of its own accord.” Gastroenterologist John Wyeth was quoted as saying.

“I wasn’t familiar with the anatomy. If I did a similar procedure in a human it would take me 10 minutes.” Dr. Wyeth added, noting that Happy Feet‘s operation took around two hours.

Earlier reports revealed that “Happy Feet” have eaten sand and sticks which could have been mistaken as snow, after it was found stranded at Peka Peka Beach in New Zealand a week ago.

The stranded penguin was said to be a rare visitor in New Zealand and could have been from Antarctica, which is around 4,000 kilometers away, and the last Emperor penguin seen in their place was 44 years ago.

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