Happy Feet, New Zealand’s Famous Emperor Penguin Released Back to Sea (Video)

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New Zealand’s Penguin, Happy Feet
Image credit: globalanimal.org

Happy Feet, New Zealand’s famous penguin is released back to sea in the Southern Ocean last Sunday, September 4, 2011, according to international reports.

The penguin seemed hesitant to go and needed a gentle nudge to slip into the waters.

Happy Feet was found in June 21, weak and ill at the Peka Peka Beach in New Zealand, and was nursed back to health at the Wellington Zoo.

He became a worldwide celebrity with many organizations, like the Wellington Zoo and Department of Conservation, supporting his recovery.

According to further reports, Happy Feet was fitted with a SirTrack KiwiSat 202 Satellite Transmitter, which will track the Emperor penguin’s journey back to Antarctica.

The transmitter was taped to Happy Feet’s feather, and is light enough not to impede his movements.

Through the KiwiSat 202, people around the world could track penguin Happy Feet’s progress and journey.


Happy Feet on His Way Home
Video credit: WIVBTV /YouTube

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