Hand Transplant Patient, Emily Fennell Shows Off Her New Hands (Video)

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Hand Transplant
Emily Fennell’s Hands
Credit: UCLA Health System /
Ann Johansson Photography

On March 5, 2011, Emily Fennell became the first person in California to have a hand transplant and the 13th in the United States to have the surgery. She reportedly underwent a 14-hour operation at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for the surgery, with a team of about 20 surgeons, nurses and support staff intricately connected bones, nerves, tendons and blood vessels for her new hand.

Fennell opted to remain anonymous during that time, but now, she came out to talk about her journey. She reportedly showed off her newly donated hand Tuesday while being flanked by a team of transplant doctors.

“It has been surreal to see that I have a hand again, and to be able to wiggle my fingers,” Fennell was quoted as saying. “My 6-year-old daughter has never seen me with a [right] hand. She looked at it, touched it and said it was ‘cool.’”

Fennell was reportedly adapting well to her new hand. “I do feel like it’s mine. Slowly but surely, every day it becomes more and more mine,” she reportedly said.

Watch Emily Fennell‘s journey to her new hand on the Youtube video below courtesy of UCLAHealth:

Emily Fennell’s journey with her new hand
Credit: UCLAHealth / Youtube

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