Haiti Election 2010 Update: 12 Major Presidential Candidates Denounce The Election as Fraudulent

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According to several online news sites, Haiti‘s presidential election on Sunday was very chaotic. It was reported that poll lists include names of people who died in the earthquake. Some voters cannot vote because their names were missing on the list while others are voting multiple times. Voters faced confusion, delays and rejections. Illiterate voters had no one to help them find their names on the list.

Haiti election 2010
Photo Credit: AP Photo / Ramon Espinosa

Twelve of the 19 presidential candidates called for the election to be cancelled. They held a news conference and released a joint statement denouncing the election as fraudulent.

“It is clear that (President) Preval and the CEP was not prepared for elections,” candidate Anne Marie Josette Bijou was quoted saying, who read the statement to a crowd that sang the national anthem, chanting “arrest Preval.”

“It is clear that the government of Rene Preval, in agreement with the CEP, is putting into execution the plan hatched to tamper with the elections … with the help of the official political party and its candidate, Jude Celestin,” independent candidate Bijou read while every other candidate nodded in agreement.

Almost all major candidates backed the statement, except for Jude Celestin, who is supported by the Unity party of President Rene Preval. Michel Joseph Martelly, Mirlande Manigat, Charles-Henri Baker and Jean Henry Ceant were among the candidates who denounced the election, calling it a “massive fraud.”

As of the moment, the Haitian government has no immediate response to the criticisms.

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