Hairy crazy ants now invading southern US states from Texas to Mississippi

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Millions of hairy crazy ants are reportedly now invading the southeastern US states that can cause trouble in industrial plants and may affect the agriculture in some areas.

Hairy crazy ants
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As noted in US news sites on Sunday, October 2, 2011, millions of hairy crazy ants have been traveling via cargo containers, motorcycles, moving vans, potted plants, and hay bales, among others.

Apparently, it is being believed that these fast-crawling crazy ants originally came from either the Caribbean or South America and have reached the US on cargo ships.

According to reports, these crazy ants are now fast spreading through Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana and have invaded residential areas, industrial plants, rural and urban areas.

“A computer system controlling pipeline valves shorted out twice in about 35 days, but monthly treatments there now keep the bugs at bay.” Pest exterminator Tom Rasberry was quoted on a CBS report.

“If that shuts down, they could literally shut down an entire chemical plant that costs millions of dollars.” Rasberry added, who reportedly found the first Texas specimens of the species in Houston in 2002.

These hairy flea-sized creatures were called “crazy” ants not only for their super sonic speed travel but also for the unusual and randomly pattern than the usually seen ants which march one by one.

They are also being called as ‘hairy’ due to the because of fuzz that, when seen by naked eye, seem to have their abdomens appear less smooth and shiny than those of their slower and bigger ants.

Although these crazy ants are known not be harmful since they do not sting or bite unless they are being provoked, they can destroy consoles, equipment and even disable huge industrial plants.

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