Gypsy Fortune Teller Machine Restored In Montana Attracts Collectors Like David Copperfield (Photo)

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Antique Gypsy Fortune Teller Machine

Gypsy Fortune Teller Machine in Mont.
Image Credit: Michael Albans

A 100-year-old Gypsy fortune teller machine was discovered inside a restaurant in the former gold rush town of Old West kitsch, according to reports by several international news sites on Tuesday, August 30, 2011.

The malfunctioning Gypsy machine, providing a sharp gaze on people passing by, has been in the restaurant for decades. People often mistook her for Zoltar, the fortune teller machine in the movie, Big, starred by Tom Hanks.

The discovery of the rare antique Gypsy fortune teller machine turned the town into a themed tourist attraction.

The Gypsy provides her predictions of someone’s fortune by speaking from a hidden record player. Dropping a nickel in the Gypsy slot would make her eyes flash, her teeth would chatter and a voice will come out from a tube that extends out of the eight-foot-tall box.

The Montana Heritage Commission started the restoration of Gypsy more than five years ago. Antique collectors learned that there are only about two or three remaining speaking fortune teller machines in the world and Gypsy is one of them.

Several antique collectors, including David Copperfield, has already expressed interest in the Gypsy, however, the Heritage commission curators declined the offers.

Janna Norby, one of the Montana Heritage Commission curators explained that “If we start selling our collection for money, what do we have?

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