Gumby Creator, Art Clokey, Honored by Google Doodle

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Gumby at Google Doodle
Image Credit: Art Clokey/

Gumby creator, Art Clokey, is honored by Google Doodle in its homepage on October 12, 2011, as disclosed by several news reports on the same date.

Art Clokey is labelled as the “legendary animator” of clay. A TV series was also created called “The Gumby Show.

The Gumby Show” has been a part of the entertainment culture throughout the years and even had a movie done entitled: “Gumby: The Movie.”

Reportedly, Gumby is the primary clay character in the animated series, which had 233 episodes. Other characters are Pokey, Gumby’s sidekick and the Blockheads, the “villains.”

According to further reports, the gesture by Google through Google Doodle has paid tribute not only to Art Clokey, but to Gumby as well.

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