Ground beef recall: Kroger releases recalled product list, Mississippi stores not included

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Kroger stores released on Saturday, August 13, 2011 its complete list of affected products, as shown below, following the recent National Beef ground beef recall.

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Winn-Dixie and Publix, which have also been affected by this recall, released separate lists of recalled products but Walmart have only posted a copy of the FSIS announcement on their official website.

Meanwhile, Kroger said that the recalled ground beef products have a “sell by” dates of July 29 through August 12 and were sold in their stores at Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

However, Kroger’s Delta Division Marketing & Public Affairs officer Joe Bell noted that their Delta Division stores in Mississippi are not included.

“At this point, the Class 1 recall, issued by National Beef Company, only affects retailers in the four states mentioned above,” Bell was quoted at WLBT on Saturday.

Below is the list and details of the ground beef recall products released by Kroger, with the company saying that they have removed from their store shelves and placed signs in their meat sections.

Kroger 5 lb. Pkg. Flavorseal Ground Chuck (UPC: 1111097028 (only date included for this product is “Freeze By 8-12-2011)

Kroger Beef Chuck Ground 80-85% (UPC 22251500000, 22251510000, 22251520000, 22251530000, 22251550000, 22251560000, 22251570000, 22251580000)

Ground Beef Patties – Regular & Family Pack (UPCs: 22250400000, 22250410000, 22250420000, 22250430000, 22251600000, 22251610000, 22251620000, 22251630000)

Ground Beef Seasoned Patties – Regular & Family Pack (UPCs: 29116750000, 29116760000, 29116770000, 29116780000, 29116850000, 29116860000, 29116870000, 29116880000)

In Store Made Meatballs – packaged and service case (UPCs: 29119600000, 29119610000, 29119620000, 29119630000, 29119640000)

In Store Made Meatloaf – packaged and service case (UPCs: 29109100000, 29109110000, 29109120000, 29109130000, 29109140000)

In addition, Kroger said they have already informed their customers, and those may have purchased the affected products will receive register receipt messages and/or automated phone calls.

Meanwhile, customers are being advised to immediately return the said items to stores for a full refund or a replacement; or to contact their office at 1-800-KROGERS for more details.

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