Grocery Coupons: Millions of Shoppers Use ShopSavvy 4 App for iPhones and Droid Phones for Best Prices

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Grocery coupons are ways to save hundreds of dollars a month on shopping, and the US has finally caught on with millions of shoppers using the ShopSavvy app for their iPhones and Droid phones. This is to find the best prices online. This was reported by Tampa local news, August 13, 2011.

Apparently, enterprising shoppers have also clipped grocery coupons from newspapers or visited mobile websites like and Shoppers have also resorted to printable coupons to save on shopping cost amidst the unstable economy.

According to further reports, the ShopSavvy 4 app  with its barcode scanner reveals information about the product, coupons and all, just by pointing your phone at the product from any angle.

The ShopSavvy 4 for iPhone was previously named in November by Time Magazine as one of the “50 Best iPhone Apps for 2011.”  It also won the “Best App Ever Award for “Best Use of iOS Hardware” in 2010. Time Magazine stated that the phone was:

“A must have for professional bargain hunters.”

Reportedly, shoppers could conveniently know more about the product’s grocery coupons while they are shopping.

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