Grippo’s Potato Chips Recall: Grippo Foods recalls potato chip products over metal fragments scare

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Grippo Foods Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio announced on Friday, March 15, 2013 a voluntary recall on certain brands of their potato chip products, citing possible contamination of metal fragments. This Grippo’s potato chips recall has already been coordinated with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to a press release at that day, the Grippo Foods potato chips recall involves six different flavors, and each of them has one only UPC (Unit Product Code) affected. These products are being feared to have contained metal fragments, which may be result to minor or serious injury once eaten.

As noted by Grippo Foods, minor injuries include temporary choking or small lacerations in the oral cavity or gastrointestinal system, or fractured tooth. On the other hand, serious injury may include severe choking, huge damage in the oral cavity or gastrointestinal system, which the company said is unlikely to occur.

The recalled brands are Plain Potato Chips (0 76847 12124 6), Bar-B-Q Flavored (0 76847 14123 7), Cheddar Cheese with a touch of Jalapeno (0 76847 14127 5), Hot Dill Pickle (0 76847 14126 8), Sweet Bermuda Onion (0 76847 14124 4), and Salt & Vinegar Flavored (0 76847 14125 1).

The recalled potato chip products include bags that have expiration date of on and before May 20, 2013, and the 1.5 pound boxes of potato chips have an expiration date of on and before April 29, 2013. The date code can be seen in the upper right corner of the package. There were no reports of related incidents.

The affected products were distributed to retail markets in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois from September 15, 2012 to March 14, 2013. Grippo Foods said that the potato chip recall was announced after the Ohio Department of Agriculture informed them of the metal fragments they found in the salt applicator.

With this, consumers who bought the recalled products are being advised not to eat them. Instead, these products should be returned to the origin of purchase in exchange of a full refund. For more information, Grippo Foods‘ contact number is 1-800-626-1824, open 9 am to 4 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Grippos Potato Chips Salt and Vinegar
Grippo’s Potato Chips (Plain, Salt and Vinegar)
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Grippos Potato Chips Cheddar Cheese Hot Pickle
Grippo’s Potato Chips (Cheddar Cheese, Hot Dill Pickle)
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Grippos Potato Chips Sweet Bermuda Onion BarBQ
Grippo’s Potato Chips (Sweet Bermuda Onion, BarB-Q)
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