Grand Slam Wins of Nadal Against Federer, Li Na against Schiavone, at French Open 2011

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Rafael Nadal
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The Grand Slam wins of Rafael Nadal against Roger Federer and Li Na against Francesca Schiavone at Roland Garros was a well- publicized feat.

This is because Nadal goes into his 10th Grand Slam crown and remains No. 1, while Na captures a Grand Slam win, and the first player from China to do so. This was disclosed by various sports news sites, June 5, 2011.

The Federer-Nadal match was one among Nadal’s 45 wins; he had only one loss, and had played “impeccably” in his games. Li Na, on the other hand, defeated Schiavone, the defending champion.

According to reports, many sports enthusiast were not surprised at Nadal’s win, but lots were impressed by the English-fluent speaking Na, who seemed comfortable in front of the cameras. Chinese local news sites were all praises for Na, saying: “Li Na is the best PR for China.

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