Grand Canyon Photo Prank: Samantha Busch’s Photo Prank On Her Mom Goes Viral (Photo)

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A photo of Samantha Busch, 22, which looks like she was falling off a cliff in the Grand Canyon went viral after it was posted on Reddit, international news sites reported on Friday, November 23, 2012.

The photo, as shown below, is now popularly called as the Grand Canyon Photo Prank. According to ABC News, Busch was perfectly safe standing on a ledge below. The photo was taken to pull a prank on her overprotective mother, Rebecca.

Grand Canyon Photo Prank
The Grand Canyon Photo Prank
Credit: Samantha Busch

“For five days up to when we left, my mom had warned me about falling off the cliff or being blown off. So when we were hiking around the corner, I found a good spot where I could stand on the ledge. He [her boyfriend] angled the camera just right and he took a great picture,” Busch was quoted as saying by

“I messaged it to her first and she works for a medical auditing company and there are women who have known me since day one, and they freaked out over it also. I emailed it to them, too, and they were all freaking out over it saying I gave them a heart attack,” Busch added.

Busch‘s mom was upset, but she is fine now. “She’s fine. She wasn’t even angry. She was just relieved upset,” Busch reportedly said.

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