Grand Canyon Filled With Clouds Offers Stunning Views In A Rare Weather Event

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Grand Canyon Filled With Clouds
Credit: NPS Photo by Erin Whittaker
Stunning photos of Grand Canyon filled with clouds were posted by the National Park Service on its Grand Canyon National Park Facebook page showing a rare weather event known as temperature inversion.

The National Park Service, who wrote about the event said that temperature inversion only happens every few years. It usually happened in the winter when there are long nights, and as the name implies, an inversion takes place when a layer of cool air gets trapped underneath warmer air. A reverse of the usual pattern, with temperature generally decreasing with increasing altitude.

“Once the sun goes down, the ground loses heat very quickly, and this cools the air that is in contact with the ground,” the National Weather Service (NWS) explained. “However, since air is a very poor conductor of heat, the air just above the surface remains warm. Conditions that favor the development of a strong surface inversion are calm winds, clear skies, and long nights,” which is exactly what’s taking place in the Grand Canyon now, according to weather reports.

It was considered a rare event not just because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. According to the, the recent inversions were special because the entire Grand Canyon was filled with clouds for the past three days which rarely happens, especially on days with blue, clear skies.

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