Government Offices, “Can’t We Stop for a While and Smile?”

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I have been to a government office just this morning and what an experience it was.  After all the glory and fame of The Greatest Boxer in the WorldManny Pacquiao, I had a certain proud tilt to my chin as I waded through traffic and felt like I was The Champion.  That is how Pacman had made Filipinos feel, like they were 10 feet taller. He was the epitome of a genuine, noble hero.

But this post is not about this extraordinary Filipino, but about what happened in one of the government offices I went to.

I am one of those who believe that we should focus on the good and not the bad aspects of anything. But I just want to vent out this sentiment that I have been harboring in my heart and mind for quite a few years now.  I tried to look at the brighter side, but on second thought, if there is a chance to improve then why should we not?

To get to my point, I arrived at this government office, and there was a numbering system all right.  There were three people at the counter, each with their counter numbers.  The line was slow, although apparently, they were doing their job well.  After a long wait, my turn came and I was done within 20 minutes.

So you ask me now, why am I complaining?  Here is why.

The whole two hours that I was inside the office, nobody smiled to customers.  It was as if, it was so difficult to smile. This has been a recurring experience, that I wonder what can be wrong with our workers? Why can’t they smile? Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned to smile at each other? A service with a smile would have been great.

I smiled, but it was unrequited. I felt like a fool, grinning to myself.

A smile is infectious, try smiling at people you meet, and that smile would go a long, long way.  “Can’t we stop for a while and smile?”  “Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan, huwag magalit.”  (Only those who are guilty, would respond with indignation.)

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