Google will Ship Chrome PC by Middle of 2011

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San Francisco – It is reported through different tech sites that Google will ship the much awaited Google Chrome PC by middle of 2011. It did not reach the holiday season due to software’s issues that the company is fixing.

Google chrome PC’s will be web-centric computers, intended to compete with market dominated by Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc.

Google product manager, Sundar Pichai, says that Google will hold the release of the Chrome PC until such time that all bugs has been fixed and compatibility with other devices, such as digital cameras and other electronic media is tested.

“Amazing progress, but we aren’t fully done yet,” Pichai told reporters at a press briefing in San Francisco.

Price of the laptop is not yet determined.

It is reported that Samsung Electronics and Acer will make the first laptops. Intel Corp will make the processors in the first batch.

The laptop will promote web-centric computing, in which people use online applications instead of software loaded onto PCs.

Google had opened an internet store selling about 500 games, news and other software applications for Chrome.

There are prototypes being distributed to schools, businesses, developers and other users with the intent of collecting feedback. The all-black “CR 48” prototypes come with 12.1-inch screens, 3G connectivity and webcams, but do not have any logos or branding.

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