Google URL shortener officially launches with a website

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Google officially launches its URL shortener with a Website, and is now ready to use.

Actually, Google has already launched their URL shortener service last December, but it was only available for Google Toolbar and Feedburner, meaning it cannot be used to shorten links directly.

Google said its URL shortener Website promises to be the most stable, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.

In addition, Google URL shortener offers a wide variety of URL-tracking features, which includes URL history, traffic sources, referrers and visitor profiles for countries, browsers and platforms.

According to Google, automatic spam detection was added based on the same type of filtering technology they used in Gmail. This is to protect users against malware, phishing, and spam.

Google also said the its URL shortener uptime reached almost 100% uptime since their launch, and have doubled their speed in just over nine months.

But while Google have plans to release an official API for in the future, there are extensions available for browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

If someone wants to try it now, they can visit

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