Google to shutdown GOOG-411 Directory Assistance Service on November 12

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Google will shutdown GOOG-411 directory assistance service on November 12, according to their post on Friday at the Official Google Blog.

According to them, Google will be shutting down 1-800-GOOG-411, a directory-assistance service that uses voice recognition to connect callers to businesses in the US and Canada quickly.

The GOOG-411 service, which was launched in 2007, was Google’s first speech recognition service that helped provide a foundation for more innovated services, which are now available on smartphones.

This includes Voice Search, where Google search is being done through speaking instead of typing; and Voice Input, where filling in any text field on Android phones are through voice and not by typing words.

Another voice command feature that was powered through GOOG-411 is Voice Action, where Android phones can call any business faster and easier just by saying its name.

However, Google reminds its non-smartphone customers who want to call a business to make an alternative step.

Google users can send a text message with the business’s name and location to 466453 (“GOOGLE“), and they will reply with the information.

For Gmail users, Google invites them to use its latest free phone-calling service to any US business company.

Meanwhile, Google said a lot of innovations will be coming soon.

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