Google Realtime Search: The Upgraded Version

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Last December, 2009, Google improved the quality of online searching through Google Realtime Search. This allowed Google users to have a real-time or latest result on their home page.

But since Google wishes to serve us better, here is Google Realtime Search Upgraded Version with more powerful tools, with the support of social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Now, you can use geographic refinements or simply searching according to location. For example, you wish to find the latest update about an earthquake currently occurring in a specific location. Just enter the name of that place or country, and you will immediately receive the latest updates.

Another new feature is the full conversation, wherein you can view the entire conversation on Twitter about a topic that interests you. This is being arranged from the oldest tweets to the latest.

The last new feature is for Google Alerts, wherein you can make it easier for you to be informed about a certain topic. You can choose “updates” that will provide you the latest results from Twitter or other short from services. This will also help you manage your email volume.

For a more detailed explanation about the upgraded version of Google Realtime Search, here is a very useful video on YouTube.

How to use Google Realtime Search

Now, it’s time for you to try it by yourself. If you want to try it now, you can visit –

If the link is not available, you can use this link

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