Google now allows Gmail users to choose Threaded Emails or not

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Google now allows Gmail users to choose threaded emails or not, this was the announcement today by Google on their Official Google Enterprise Blog.

Starting today, Gmail users will now have an option to turn on the threaded conversations or mute this feature completely.

It can be remembered that the Conversation View became a hot topic on debates before.

Some threading enthusiasts say that the automation helps them save time and effort in drawing connections between related messages and that their inbox became much less messy.

But on the other hand, there were Gmail users who feel that it became more complicated, as they already got used to the traditional chronological order of emails.

Russ Midford, Senior Information Systems Engineer at Sanmina-SCI, was quoted in saying that he ‘personally prefer threaded conversations, but as an administrator who still needs to support some long-time Outlook users on Gmail, the unthreaded option is like gold’

With the newly launched optional system for the arrangement of email messages, Google hopes to make its consumers satisfied just like when they launched the Priority Inbox feature nearly a month ago.

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