Google Logo Doodle HTML5 Balls this September 7 drives viewers crazy

By on Sep 7, 2010 in Headlines, Weird Comments

Google Logo Doodle HTML5 balls are now driving viewers crazy, as it unveiled another new design on their homepage this September 7.

Last Saturday, Google introduces Doodle interactive to celebrate the 25th anniversary of buckyball.

But this time, the Google logo offers more fun and addictive to play with.

If the viewer moves their mouse around the logo, multi-colored balls will disperse according to which direction the mouse will go.

If the mouse is at ease, the balls will regroup or rearranged themselves to form the Google logo again in a very interesting way.

While there are different speculations that Google now celebrates its anniversary or other important events in the world, viewers just keep enjoying them.

However, some suggest that it should be ignored since it distracts them.

But it the end, Google always do their best to serve their customers while entertaining them.

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