Google Launches Safe Browsing for Network Administrators

By on Sep 29, 2010 in Internet, Programming, Technology Comments

Part of their continuing effort to protect their users, Google announced today that they are launching Google Safe Browsing for Network Administrators.

Nav Jagpal and Ke Wang from Google Security Team posted on their Google Online Security Blog that this new service will allow network administrators to receive timely notifications whenever Google found malicious content on their respective networks. The service is an extension to the Google Webmasters Tool (a tool that is available for individual website owners) but the coverage will be bigger. They explained that this service will have a wider scope (as compared to the webmaster tool) as network administrators of an ISP can host thousands of different websites in their Autonomous Systems (AS) network.

Google believes that by providing this service they, together with network administrators and the individual website owners can collaborate better on addressing security vulnerabilities and removing malicious content from their websites and networks thus making the Internet ecosystem safer for all.

Interested network administrators can check this new offering via logging in

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