Google launches, its first online shopping fashion guide website

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Google launches, its first online shopping fashion guide website, as published at the Official Google Blog on Wednesday.

According to their post, Google is introducing, in which they claim as not just an ordinary online shopping fashion site. It also helps searchers discover the right fashion goods for them. a Beta version for now, allows users to create their own boutique or to choose from the boutique created by top stylists, designers, celebrities, and fashion bloggers.

Google said that a computer vision and machine learning technology was used to visually analyze different tastes of fashion of users and match them with recommend items to choose from.

The post, which was made by Munjal Shah, Google’s Product Management Director and former CEO of, also mentioned that the fashion site has a lot of different features to use for search and discover the best fashion goods for them.

This includes ‘Advanced Search Filters’, where clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories are being sorted according to gender, color, pattern, and sizes., in which the screenshot can be seen below, also offers their iPad Apps for download for the additional convenience of users.

However, Google said right now is only available in the US and for woman’s fashion only, but said they are planning a further expansion later.

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