Google introduces Doodle to celebrate Buckyball 25th anniversary

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Google introduces Doodle interactive this Saturday, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of buckyball.

This buckyball is a specially shaped molecule composed entirely of carbon discovered on September 4, 1985, and was named after buckminsterfullerene.

To mark its discovery, Google replaced the second O in its logo into an interactive animated buckyball.

This buckyball is a form of carbon composed of 60 atoms that looks like a molecular football, and Google users can ‘play’ with it.

By scrolling their mouse across the logo, users can twist and turn the ball, and they also learn more about buckyball when they click it.

Buckyball was discovered by a group of scientists at Rice University, in Texas, and named after the architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, noted for popularizing the geodesic dome.

There are a variety of different buckyballs depending on the structure; the most famous and first discovered, is the Buckminsterfullerene C60.

The unique chemistry of the family of particles has been widely researched for use in electronics, nanotechnology and many other fields of science.

To know more about this buckyball while ‘playing’ with it, simply visit your Google homepage.

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