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As of this writing, Google already unveils the latest from them. The Google Instant search.

Google Instant automatically start searching while you are still typing your keywords, predicting your inputs, giving suggestions, and gives you the instant result as you type.

According to them, optimization has been made so as not to give too much load to their back-end servers. A huge team of Google engineers tweaked the algorithm and now, they are ready to let the public use it. Imagine, searching starts once you typed on the search box, and it continue searching as you type more letters. That’s a lot of load, but since their search engine are already optimized, the result is impressive.

You can experience Google Instant right now by logging in with your Google account and doing your search on Try it now! Update: Google Instant search is now live on No need to login to your Google account.

Here’s a video about Google Instant.

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