Google Gmail to launch Priority Inbox to sort emails

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To help email users not to be buried with tons of disorganized and overloaded incoming emails, Google is set to launch Priority Inbox to help Gmail users to sort them according to priority.

This new feature of Google will appear as a new menu item in the Gmail page located just above the “Inbox” link, and no need to set-up. Well, almost.

Once it is activated which is on Tuesday, one can choose whether it will be activated or not.

“We’ve been hearing from a lot of our most active users, people around the world, that they’re overloaded by e-mail,” Gmail product director Keith Coleman said. “They’re getting more than they can usually handle with their filters and manual setups.

So instead of having huge quantity of unread emails, Priority Inbox will separate the important ones as “important and unread”.

All messages that will appear in the Priority Inbox will be distinguished by an algorithm based on such as factors as the identity of the sender, key phrases in the message, and whether the mail was sent to an individual or a large group.

If you come across a message that’s been marked important when it shouldn’t have been, you can hit an arrow to tell Gmail that it’s not.

Similarly, if a message that should have been flagged was sent to the ‘everything else’ area, you can promote it.

According to digital researchers, nearly 3 billion emails are being sent daily, while a typical corporate computer user sends and receives about 110 e-mails every day.

But whether the Gmail is being used by an individual or large business companies, Priority Inbox can somehow precious time for its users.

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