Google Earth 6 now available, fully integrated Street View and adding 3D Trees

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Google Earth 6 was officially launched on Monday and is now available for download, with fully integrated Street View and adding 3D Trees, according to Google’s official blog.

Back in 2008, Street View was added in Google Earth but users should click on a camera to view the Street View imagery.

In Google Earth 6, the Pegman is now docked right alongside the navigation controls unlike before that it used to hanging on top of the zoom slider.

As Google’s Product Manager Peter Birch said on its blog, “Pegman can be picked up and drop it to where a highlighted blue road can be seen to fly it right down on the ground”.

“Once there, you can use the navigation controls or your mouse to look around. And unlike our earlier Street View layer, you can now move seamlessly from one location to another as if you’re walking down the street by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard.” Mr. Birch said.

“If you want to visit somewhere farther away, simply click the ‘exit’ button and you’ll immediately return to an aerial view where you can easily fly to your next destination.” He added.

Meanwhile, Google Earth 6 had also added 3D trees of tons of different species.

“We already have more than 80 million trees in places such as Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Tokyo.” Peter Birch said.

To understand more about Google Earth 6, below are demo videos from Google.

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