Google Doodle Holiday 2010 reveals 17 interactive images

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Google Doodle Holiday 2010 revealed 17 interactive images apparently replacing each letter of the word G-o-o-g-l-e, which started to appear at Google’s homepage on Thursday 9 a.m. ET, as reported at Wall Street Journal.

This year’s holiday doodle was said to be the most ambitious among them all, in which a screen shot can be be seen below. The design was created by five artists within about 250 hours, and will appear at Google homepage for two and a half days.

Micheal Lopez, the man behind Google Doodle, told the news that Google wants to end 2010 with a big bang, as this year’s doodle unveils different Christmas celebration from the different parts of the world.

Prior to the launch, Lopez was said to have plans to release Google Doodle Holiday 2010 for a series of days which will end on Christmas day, but the plan was changed last week after executives saw the nearly finished product.

The plan started in July when Lopez met with four artists including a children’s book illustrator, and apparently ended up including celebrations that focus on dance, food, textile, and architecture.

When a Google visitor will roll his mouse pointer to any of the images, the image will expand. And once the image is clicked on, the user will be headed to a page wherein links related to the image.

Among the world’s greatest architectures that were included are St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, Acropolis of Athens, and the Great Wall of China.

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