Google Doodle greets the world Happy New Year with MMXI (2011)

By on Jan 1, 2011 in Internet Comments

Today, Google Doodle greets the world Happy New Year with Roman Numerals MMXI or 2011, as shown on its home page while leaving 2010 with a big bang.

The Google logo, which is currently written as ‘GMMXIE’ might have been confusing its readers with its letters if there were no fireworks surrounding them.

This year, Google decided to greet the world Happy New Year the old-fashion way.

Apparently, the year 2010 that Google Doodle had decided to remember the most holidays and important dates in history like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and US Veterans Day.

This year also marked the celebration of Google Doodle the anniversary of X-ray discovery, The Flintstones, Buckyball, and even its own 12th birthday.

On the other hand, Google Doodle also celebrated the life of interesting personalities including Robert Louis Stevenson, Rosa Parks, and John Lennon.

Happy New Year to all!

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