Google Doodle celebrates Halloween 2010 with Scooby Doo (Photos)

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Google Doodle does it again as it celebrates Halloween 2010 with some cool photos of the characters from Scooby Doo.

In case you have not yet noticed, Google homepage is attracting again its users by showing assorted photos from the world famous classical cartoon series, Scooby Doo.

With the usual story of the child-friendly cartoon Scooby Doo, it always goes down to scary-but-cute creatures that bring fun to children while they are watching them.

On the series of photos that has been appearing at the Google Doodle, they are still showing the letters of the word Google but somehow in a disguise manner that children and adults will love.

To celebrate Halloween 2010, each photo seem to be showing a usual adventure of the whole gang of solving a mystery, and this time some sort of ghosts are trying to scare children doing the trick and treat.

So if you came across the Google homepage this Halloween, Google Doodle assures you that there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, your children will enjoy them too.

Below are cool photos of the adventures of Scooby Doo, in which you may encounter one or all of them as Google Doodle celebrates Halloween 2010.

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